Why is this happening?

The Pennsylvania Constitution requires the governor and the General Assembly to pass a budget for the state by midnight, June 30, the last day of the state's fiscal year. In June 2015 they failed to do that. On March 30, 2016, nine months after it was supposed to be passed, the 2015-2016 budget lapsed into law without the governor's signature. The Fiscal Code, a corollary document which further specifies how certain line items should be allocated, was vetoed and is under new review.

At odds are issues of education funding and balancing spending with taxation.

Gov. Tom WolfGov. Tom Wolf
Speaker of the House Mike TurzaiSpeaker of the House Mike Turzai
Senate President Joseph ScarnatiSenate President Joseph Scarnati

The 2015-2016 budget pushes a $2 billion deficit into the upcoming year, and fails to address many of the structural causes of that deficit. The new year's budget must be created by July 1, not too far off.

What is this website?

Pennsylvania Budget Clock aggregates stories of the impact of the budget crises in order to impose a greater sense of urgency and pressure Pennsylvania politicians to act.

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